501 Vocabulary Questions (Skill Builder in Focus) by Chesla, Elizabeth L

By Chesla, Elizabeth L

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Lighthearted, casual, and carefree. Rachel’s blithe attitude toward spending money left her penniless and in debt. bumptious ( bump·shu˘s) adj. arrogant, conceited. The bumptious man could not stop talking about himself or looking in the mirror. capricious (ka˘· prish·u˘s) adj. impulsive, whimsical, and unpredictable. Robin Williams, the comedian, demonstrates a most capricious nature even when he is not performing. churlish ( chur·l˘sh) adj. ill-mannered, boorish, rude. Angelo’s churlish remarks made everyone at the table uncomfortable and ill at ease.

31. Voracious means excessively greedy, having a great appetite for something, rapacious. 35. Inchoate means just begun, in an initial or early stage of development; nascent. 36. Nascent means just coming into existence, emerging; inchoate. 38. Stolid means not feeling or showing emotion; impassive, stoical. 21 N 22 V O E X I O U 23 S 26 G A R R U 37 P L T 27 O O U S Q 29 30 R A P A C I O U S A R L K 31 32 V I R 33 S O R D I D 34 R T A L L I A T E C 38 I S O T O U S L 40 M I T D 17 I C A 24 L O Q 25 A M E B P I U H A V E C A I L M R E S O L U T E N R U 35 36 R A N S I E N T L N A C S H C 39 N O I S O M E A N T T I G A T E 28 3 Personality Traits and Attitudes I Are you personable or petulant?

These 20 one-syllable wonders prove that words don’t have to be long to be interesting or powerful. 501 Vocabulary Questions Word List bane (bayn) n. 1. cause of trouble, misery, distress, or harm. 2. poison. The bane of the oak tree is the Asian beetle. blight (bl¯t) n. 1. a plant disease that causes the affected parts to wilt and die. 2. something that causes this condition, such as air pollution. 3. something that impairs or destroys. 4. an unsightly object or area. They still do not know what caused the blight that destroyed half of the trees in the orchard.

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