A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary by J. R. Clark-Hall

By J. R. Clark-Hall

Если Вы знаете английский, то с помощью это краткого словаря, который кстати достаточно объемный, можно прочесть в оригинале, например, Беовульфа или другое англосаксонское произведение. Очень полезно для филологов и не только.

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Know him in us, that here hold up his right. KING JOHN. In us, that are our own great deputy, And bear possession of our person here; Lord of our presence, Angiers, and of you. FIRST CITIZEN. A greater power than we denies all this; And till it be undoubted, we do lock Our former scruple in our strong-barr'd gates; Thesaurus amazed: (adj) astounded, astonished, stunned, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, shocked, staggered, bewildered, surprised, thunderstruck, aghast. chaps: (n) chops, fauces, crack.

ANTONYMS: (v) heinous, monster, immense, gigantic, uncoil, untwist, unwind, straighten. grievous, ugly, flagitious, dreadful; coward: (n) cur, pantywaist, sneak, (adj, v) grotesque. ANTONYMS: (adj) dastard, milksop, weakling, tiny, minute, beautiful, good, small, milquetoast; (adj) gutless, lovely, attractive. oppressed: (adj) laden, persecuted, chickenhearted, pusillanimous, chicken-hearted. ANTONYMS: (n) broken, burdened, drawn, gloomy, aggrieved, downcast, heavy, ladened, loaded. pearls: (n) beads, jewelry, jewellery.

Constant, reliable, devoted, inoffensive. William Shakespeare 31 BASTARD. % KING PHILIP. Stand in his face, to contradict his claim. FIRST CITIZEN. Till you compound whose right is worthiest, We for the worthiest hold the right from both. KING JOHN. Then God forgive the sin of all those souls That to their everlasting residence, Before the dew of evening fall, shall fleet, In dreadful trial of our kingdom's king! KING PHILIP. --Mount, chevaliers; to arms! BASTARD. ] Sirrah, were I at home, At your den, sirrah, with your lioness, I would set an ox-head to your lion's hide, And make a monster of you.

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