A Descriptive Grammar of Ket by Stefan Georg

By Stefan Georg

Linguists and experts on Siberia are quite often acquainted with the identify Ket, which designates a small ethnic crew at the Yenisei and their language, largely considered as a linguistic enigma in lots of respects. Ket is a seriously endangered language with this day below 500 local audio system. including Yugh, Kott, Arin, Assan and Pumpokol, all of that are thoroughly extinct, it varieties the Yeniseic kin of languages, which has no identified linguistic relations. This "Grammar of Ket" constitutes the 1st publication of its variety in English and is dependent as follows: advent; The Kets and their Language; Phonology; Morphology; and, References. A moment quantity is deliberate on Ket Syntax, supported via a set of unique texts with translations and annotations.

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Siber. k wolf river Some lengthy descriptions given by Messerschmidt have been abbreviated. This equation is not entirely secure; the modern Ket word designates the "twig of a coniferous tree"; Messerschmidt may well have received this answer producing such a twig and - being a botanist! - he could have mistaken his informants for professional colleagues and recorded the word as the name of the tree. ), Drossel candela, ein Licht urogallus ovum, ein Ei turdi genus, Drossel bubo, eine Horneule vulpes, Fuchs burunduk Russ.

This is done by bracketed (bo) or (ba). In these cases, following determiners are described in this 46 "P" stands for "position", and denotes one of the numbered morphological "slots" of the Ket verb, cf. 2 47 The status of this element as a lexical element vs. a purely morphological marker is disputed (cf. 2); though we treat it as mostly lexical in nature (it cannot be "switched on or off" by purely morphological processes; it may, though, as Vajda thinks, have a function describable in morphological terms), we chose this notation in order to reflect its somewhat unclear status.

His work was very influential in the 18th century and enjoyed some reputation as a first attempt to classify some of the native languages of Siberia. Strahlenberg's exact itinerary in the country remains, however, unknown, and it is unclear whether he 30 This chapter is but a concise overview of scholars and their works pertaining to Ket and Yeniseian studies. In most cases, a few sentences have to suffice to characterize the contributions of the most important personalities in the field. A more detailed account can be found in Vajda 2001, 1-17.

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