A History of Weapons: Crossbows, Caltrops, Catapults & Lots by John O'Bryan

By John O'Bryan

Sooner or later a prehistoric man picked up a rock and threw it at whatever. And the background of guns all started. Comedy author and weapon nerd John O'Bryan relays the freaky highlights of man's centuries-old obsession with weaponry. He hilariously explains the mace, the morning big name, and the guy catcher, whereas conveying actual information regarding each one weapon: its heritage, makes use of, and badass power. Flipping via history's highlights, readers will find out about Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, and the "peaceful" Shaolin clergymen. This final compendium of amazing guns can provide all of the strangely real information guaranteed to galvanize anyone who's ever made a gun with their hands and stated, "PEW-PEW-PEW!"

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Изображения: черно-белые фотоOriginally the rearsight leaf was once calibrated for . three hundred 06 ammunition and graduated as much as 2,600 yards. Later concerns have been calibrated for . three hundred MI ammunition and have been graduated as much as 3,300 yards.

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It provides a much more critical assessment of James Wolfe than previous historians have written. First-rate battle studies of the colonial period are limited in number. By far the best known is C. P. Stacey’s Quebec, 1759 (1959). Written to help commemorate the bicentennial of the British victory on the Plains of Abraham, Stacey positioned the one-day battle between James Wolfe’s British regulars and the Marquis de Montcalm’s French professionals as the deciding event in Great Britain’s victory over France in the Seven Years’ War.

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