A Lab Manual of Seismic Reflection Processing by Roger A. Young

By Roger A. Young

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J. Tarn et al. ): Robotic Welding, Intelligence and Automation, LNEE 88, pp. 23–32. com © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011 24 K. Micallef, G. Fang, and M. Dinham Automatic weld seam detection and tracking is an important topic in robotic welding. It is an area of great interest as it is an important step in realising fully autonomous robotic welding [9]. Since vision systems can acquire information without interfering with the welding process, it is often used for seam tracking. There are a variety of approaches being adopted for seam detection and tracking in robotic welding.

At each point, the linearity measurement mirror team is used to measure relative position distance changes, and the RenishawawML10 software is used to record the measurement data, but the joint angles of axis 4 and axis 5 in each point are obtained at robot controller. Then, laser interferometer and reflector are adjusted to parallel the other two axes of right-angle coordinate, and axis 4 and axis 5 are moved to every measurement point used in the last time, memorize the measurement data again.

X-y coordinate system. Here, the image coordinate is defined as image captured by CCD camera. Its origin is the left lower point. The base coordinate system means the real coordinate system used for robot motion. In the image coordinate system, the distance in the v-axis direction, which is between the tungsten projection and the central line of the seam, is defined as weld seam position deviation d . Also, when Autonomous Seam Acquisition and Tracking for Robotic Welding 45 the tungsten projection is above the seam in the image, d is defined as positive.

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