A Locke Dictionary (The Blackwell Philosopher Dictionaries) by John W. Yolton

By John W. Yolton

This dictionary offers and explains the most important phrases and ideas in Locke's concept and books. Over one hundred thirty entries contain bills of his a number of books, his position in technology and faith and his writings on schooling, theology and economics. The dictionary may still make Locke's suggestion obtainable to professional and non-specialist readers alike. The ideas and phrases are taken from the entire diversity of his guides and the dictionary relies on all that he released, together with his correspondence. each one "Blackwell thinker Dictionary" provides the lifestyles and paintings of anyone thinker in a scholarly but available demeanour. Entries disguise key rules and strategies, in addition to the most subject matters of the philosopher's paintings. A finished biographical caricature can also be incorporated. it's aimed toward undergraduates in philosophy.

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Capacious, comprehensive, open, rebellious: (adj) insubordinate, great. ANTONYMS: (adj) cramped, exalted, eminent, arrogant, grand, tall, haughty, great, distinguished, mutinous, disaffected, defiant, narrow, airless, overcrowded. majestic. ANTONYMS: (adj) short, disobedient, contrary, contumacious, 44 King Henry VI, Part I COUNTESS. Victorious Talbot! pardon my abuse: I find thou art no less than fame hath bruited, And more than may be gather'd by thy shape. % TALBOT. Be not dismay'd, fair lady; nor misconstrue The mind of Talbot, as you did mistake The outward composition of his body.

N) haemorrhage, bloodletting, cheeks: (n) Gemini, twins, couple, runout, cupping, leeches, posterior, pair, deuce, two, duet. venesection, phlebotomy; (v) bleed. counterfeit: (adj, n, v) sham; (n, v) blossom: (adj, n, v) flower, blow; (n, v) copy, duplicate; (adj, v) mock, falsify; bud; (n) blooming, heyday, (adj) false, artificial, assumed; (adj, n) efflorescence; (v) prosper, flourish, imitation; (v) forge, ape. ANTONYMS: (adj) genuine, real, thrive, progress, unfold. ANTONYMS: (v) wither, deteriorate, authentic, true, actual; (n) original.

Obedience, acquiescence, bid, offer, perceive: (v) comprehend, apprehend, deference, entry, presentation, conformity; (adj, n) resignation, discover, see, grasp, find, know, observe, sense, appreciate; (adj, v) surrender. ANTONYMS: (n) discern. ANTONYMS: (v) Miss, defiance, divergence, disobedience. unbidden: (adj) unbid, uninvited, observe, ignore. prevail: (n, v) triumph, control, spontaneous, voluntary, willing, govern; (v) dominate, overcome, unwanted. outweigh, obtain, persist, carry, William Shakespeare 41 I shall as famous be by this exploit As Scythian Tomyris by Cyrus' death.

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