A Theological Dictionary by Thomas Cowperthawait

By Thomas Cowperthawait

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Diauchi was engaged in a war with the powerful kingdoms of Assyria and Urartu, and the inscriptions of the Urartu kings Menua (ruled 810–786 BCE) and Argishti (786–764) reveal the wealth and power of this early confederation. In his Odyssey, Homer mentions King Aietes and his mighty kingdom of Colchis, while Apollonius of Rhodes, in his Argonautica of the third century BCE, left a detailed account of the legendary expedition of the Argonauts to seize the famed Golden Fleece. In the mid-eighth century BCE, the Diauchi confederation was destroyed, and part of its territory was annexed by the neighboring Colchis, which now found itself facing the hostile Urartu.

1580s–1590s King Simon of Kartli, released from Persian captivity, routed the Turks at Mukhrani and forced the sultan to recognize him as a Christian king of Kartli; however, leading an anti-Ottoman alliance in 1590s, Simon was eventually captured and imprisoned in Istanbul in 1599. 1571–1629 Reign of Shah Abbas I of Persia, who began a systematic conquest of Kartli and Kakheti. 1614–1617 Shah Abbas led four campaigns against Kakheti and Kartli and resettled some 200,000 Georgians to Persia. 1624 12 September: Queen Consort Ketevan of Kakheti was tortured and executed in Persia.

Mid 12th century Kings Demetre I (1125–1156) and Giorgi III continued to dominate southern Caucasia and neighboring territories. 1177 Powerful uprising of Prince Demna and Ivane Orbeli. 1184–1213 Reign of Queen Tamar ushered in the Golden Age of Georgia. Georgia expanded its influence southward and defeated major Muslim coalitions in 1195 and 1202. 1204 Empire of Trebizond was established with Georgian military support. Late 12th century Shota Rustaveli wrote The Knight in the Tiger’s Skin. 1221 Mongol raiding parties reached Georgia.

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