Abbreviations Dictionary, Tenth Edition by Dean A. Stahl, Karen Landen

By Dean A. Stahl, Karen Landen

Abbreviations, nicknames, jargon, and different brief varieties retailer time, house, and energy - supplied they're understood. millions of recent and very likely complicated phrases turn into a part of the overseas vocabulary every year, whereas our communications are relayed to each other with expanding velocity. PDAs hyperlink to desktops. the internet has grown into facts relevant, shopping center, and supermarket all rolled into one. electronic mail is quicker than snail mail, cellphones are swifter but - and it's all performed 24/7. Longtime and common use of sure abbreviations, corresponding to R.S.V.P., has made them larger understood status on my own than spelled out. definitely we're more well-off announcing DNA than deoxyribonucleic acid - yet what number of people this present day particularly be mindful what the initials stand for? The Abbreviations Dictionary, 10th variation delivers this and different info from airways of the realm to the Zodiacal Signs.Still a customary reference after greater than forty years, Abbreviations Dictionary, 10th version maintains the culture of accuracy and comprehensiveness that has made it a vintage. It is still the overseas sourcebook for finding elusive or basic details on an unlimited array of subject matters. up to date and improved, the 10th variation includes abbreviations, acronyms, appellations, contractions, numbered abbreviations and different brief varieties from computing, excessive expertise, technology, and a extensive diversity of alternative fields, hobbies, teams, and naturally, executive and the army. Abbreviations Dictionary, 10th variation, can also be the prepared reference for necessary info on such diversified issues as desktop jargon, earthquake information, English grammar and utilization, foreign conversions, clinical terminology, marriage ceremony anniversaries, Zip coding, and extra. it's a present, simply available source for finding one of the most elusive and complicated components of our language. if you have the Abbreviations Dictionary in your shelf, you won't desire the other reference for brief types or abbreviations.See what is new within the 10th Edition:15, 000 new referencesTwo thoroughly new sectionsExpanded and up-to-date sections equivalent to BafflegabDivulged, Eponyms, Nicknames and Geographical Names, and Symbols-including Emoticons

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Abbreviations Dictionary, Tenth Edition

Abbreviations, nicknames, jargon, and different brief kinds store time, house, and energy - supplied they're understood. millions of recent and most likely complicated phrases develop into a part of the overseas vocabulary every year, whereas our communications are relayed to each other with expanding pace. PDAs hyperlink to desktops.

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J. M. N.

62 machine gun Abbotsford British Columbia’s Matsqui Institution (for narcotic addicts) at Abbotsford; a town west of Wausau, Wisconsin Abbot(t) Abbotson Abbott & Costello B u d A b bott and Lou Costello abbr abbreviate; abbreviated; abbreviation ABBRA A m e r i c a n Boat Builders and Repairers Association abbrev abbreviatura (Italian— abbreviation) abbrevia abbreviations abbreviaz abbreviazione (Italian—abbreviation) abbrevio abbreviomania(c) (al) (ly) abbrev(s) abbreviation(s) ABBS Australian Bibliography and Bibliographical Services abc abecedarium (alphabet primer); acid-balance control; aconite, belladonna, chloroform; advanced base camp; advanced biomedical capsule (ABC); airborne cigar; alphabet; already been chewed; approach by concept; atomic, biological, chemical (ABC); alum, blood, charcoal; automatic bass compensation; automatic brightness control; axiobuccocervical abc (ABC) advance-booking charter; alarms by carrier (panic-button device alerting fire and police stations) AbC American-born Chinese Ab of C Archbishop(ric) of Cologne ABC Aberrant Behavior Center; A Better Choice (scholarship program for the poor); Abridged Building Classification; Acceptable Biological Catch; Advanced Booking Charters; Aerated Bread Company; Airborne Control; Air Bridge to Canada; Alcohol Beverage Control; Alliance for Better Chicago (public schools); American Ballet 9003_Frame_A Page 15 Tuesday, January 9, 2001 4:18 PM AB & C Company; American Baptist Churches; American Bar Center; American Blimp Corporation; American Book (prices) Current; American Bowling Congress; American Brass Company; American, British, Canadian; American Broadcasting Company; American Business Conference; Animal Birth Control; Arts and Business Council; Argentina, Brazil, Chile; Asahi Broadcasting Company; Asian Banking Council; Assisi Bird Campaign; Associated Bottlers Company; Associated Builders and Contractors; Association of Biotechnology Companies; Association of Bituminous Contractors; Association of Bridal Consultants; Atanasoff-Berry Computer; atomic, biological, chemical (warfare); Audit Bureau of Circulation; Australian Band Council; Australian Bankruptcy Cases; Australian Baseball Council; Australian Bowling Council; Australian Bridge Council; Australian Broadcasting Commission; Australian Broadcasting Corporation; automatic bandwidth control; automation of bibliography through computerization; Automotive Boosters Clubs AB & C Atlanta Birmingham and Coast (railroad) ABC Abstracts in BioCommerce; Academia Brasileira de Ciencias (Portuguese— Brazilian Academy of Sciences); Spanish newspaper ABC3 Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center ABCA American Building Contractors Association; American Business Communications Association; American-British-Canadian-Australian; Antique Bottle Collectors Association; Army Bureau of Current Affairs; Australian Bushmen’s Carnival Association ABCAL Associated British Cables (NZ) 15 ABC-ASP American-BritishCanadian—Army Standardization Program abcb air-blast circuit breaker ABCB American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages; Australian Broadcasting Control Board ABCC Association of British Chambers of Commerce; Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission A-B CC Arab-British Chamber of Commerce ABCCC Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center ABC-Clio American Bibliographical Center—Clio Press (Santa Barbara, California) ABCCTC A d va n c e d B a s e Combat Communication Training Center abcd above and beyond the call of duty; airway (opened), breathing (restored), circulation (restored), definitive (therapy); atomic, biological, chemical, and damage (control); awaiting bad conduct discharge ABCD Accelerated Business Collection and Delivery (of mail); Action for Boston Community Development; Advanced Base Construction Depot; America, Britain, China, Dutch East Indies (ABCD Powers during World War II); American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers ABCDCAL Alcoholic Beverage Control Department— California ABCE Adult Basic and Continuing Education ABC-fm Australian Broadcasting Commission—frequency modulation (system) ABCI Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence; Automotive Booster Clubs International ABC Islands Admiralty, Baranof and Chicagof, Alaska ABCL American Birth Control League ABC Line Antwerp Bulk Carriers (container line) ABF ABCM Associate of Bandsmen’s College of Music; Association for the Bedouin Culture Museum ABCMR Army Board for Correction of Military Records abcr atomic-biological-chemical-radiological abcrw a t o m i c - b i o l o g i c a l chemical-radiological warfare ABC-tv Australian Broadcasting Commission—television abd abdicated; advanced base depot; advanced base dock; all but dissertation; average body dose (radiation) ABDA A m e r i c a n - B r i t i s h Dutch-Australian ABDACOM Advanced Base Depot Area Command; American-British-DutchAustralian Command abdom abdomen; abdominal ABDS Army Bomb Disposal Squad ABDSP Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Abduction Abduction from the Seraglio (Mozart’s comic opera Enfführung aus dem Serail) abe adult basic education; airborne bombing evaluation ABE American Ballet Ensemble ABECOR Associated Banks of Europe Corporation abel air-breathing electric laser Abel Abelard abend abnormal end Abes Abyssinia(n) ABES Association for Broadcast Engineering Standards abess abessinisch (German— Abyssinian) ABET Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology ABETS A i r b o r n e B e a c o n Electronic Test Set ABEU Australian Bank Employees Union ABEWS A r m y B a t t l e fi e l d Electronic Warfare Simulator abf absolute bloody final (beverage); aircraft battle force; annular blast fragmentation ABF American Bar Foundation; American Beekeeping Federation; Army Benevolent Fund; Australian Bridge Federation 9003_Frame_A Page 16 Tuesday, January 9, 2001 4:18 PM abfab abfab absolutely fabulous abfc advanced base functional components ABFP American Board of Family Practice; American Board of Forensic Psychology abg air base group; air battle group; arterial blood gas ABGC A u s t r a l i a n B a n a n a Growers Council Abh A b h a n d l u n g e n ( G e rman—transactions) ABHC Association of Bank Holding Companies ABHP American Board of Health Physics abi abstracted business information; agile beam illuminator; application binary interface ABI American-British Intelligence; Ankle Brachial Index (blood-pressure test); American Butter Institute ABI Associazíone Bibliotecari Italiani (Italian—Association of Italian Librarians) ABIC Adaptive Behavior Inventory for Children ABIH American Board of Industrial Hygiene abi/inform abstracted business information/information needs ab init.

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