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Description Operator; instructs Flash to evaluate expression1, and if the value of expression1 is true, it returns the value of expression2; otherwise it returns the value of expression3. Example The following statement assigns the value of variable x to variable z because expression1 evaluates to true: x = 5; y = 10; z = (x < 6) ? x: y; trace (z); // returns 5 ActionScript Dictionary 53 / (division) Availability Flash Player 4. Usage expression1 / expression2 Parameters expression A number or a variable that evaluates to a number.

The prototype of the newly created object is generically named the Object object. Example The first line of the following code creates an empty object using the object initializer operator; the second line creates a new object using a constructor function. object = {}; object = new Object(); The following example creates an object account and initializes the properties name, address, city, state, zip, and balance with accompanying values. account = { name: "Betty Skate", address: "123 Main Street", city: "Blossomville", state: "California", zip: "12345", balance: "1000" }; The following example shows how array and object initializers can be nested within each other.

In Flash 4, + is only a numeric operator. Flash 4 files brought into the Flash 5 authoring environment undergo a conversion process to maintain data type integrity. The following example illustrates the conversion of a Flash 4 file containing a numeric quality comparison: Flash 4 file: x + y Converted Flash 5 file: Number(x) + Number(y) Usage expression1 + expression2 Parameters expression1,expression2 A number or string. Returns None. Description Operator; adds numeric expressions or concatenates (combines) strings.

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