Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements for Teens by Marc Campbell

By Marc Campbell

You spot them in magazines, go them round in emails, and run throughout them in every single place on the internet - exceptionally cool, loopy, and occasionally unusual photos that you just recognize were doctored utilizing Photoshop. have you checked out them and puzzled, ''How did they do that?'' Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop parts for youths is stuffed with the guidelines and methods it's good to recognize to take advantage of those robust courses to create your individual remarkable photographs or retouch your electronic photos. commence with the basics of Photoshop and Photoshop components as you triumph over the basic gains and capabilities of every application. grasp the interface and the right way to create and deal with layers. subsequent, prepare to edit your photographs as you advance the abilities you must paint with the comb, draw shapes and textual content, and observe lighting tricks on your photographs. placed your new abilities to the attempt as you whole quite a few hands-on initiatives, together with making prints, dressing up your computing device computer, growing animation, laying out web content, and developing trademarks.

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11 Find the swatches for the foreground and background colors immediately below the Toolbox. Chapter 2: All About Pixels 33 To swap the current foreground and background colors, click the arrow icon near the swatches. To set both colors to their defaults (foreground black and background white), click the miniature swatches icon. The foreground and background colors determine how certain tools work. Remember in Chapter 1 when you painted squiggles with the Pencil? Your squiggles were black—the foreground color.

To create a color with this color model, type values into the H, S, and B fields on the Color Picker. You can ignore the RGB fields; Photoshop will automatically determine the corresponding RGB color values. About RGB RGB stands for red, green, and blue. In this color model, you create a color by mixing varying levels of red, green, and blue. Each of these component colors has a value between 0 (none of that component) and 255 (the maximum amount of that component). 36 Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements for Teens The slider in the Color Picker sets the hue by default, but it can just as easily set the saturation, the brightness, or the level of the color’s red, green, or blue component.

You can also press Ctrl+Alt+I (Windows) or Command+Option+I (Mac) to open this dialog box. In Photoshop CS3, choose Image > Image Size from the menu bar for the Image Size dialog box. 2. If the Resample Image option at the bottom of the dialog box is checked, uncheck it. This is very important! You’ll get into resampling in Chapter 4. For now, you want to turn off this option. 3. Type the desired resolution in the Resolution field. So if you have a 300-ppi image that you want to change to 72 ppi, type 72 in the Resolution field.

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