Advances in English Historical Linguistics by Jacek Fisiak, Marcin Krygier

By Jacek Fisiak, Marcin Krygier

This quantity comprises 28 papers from the ninth overseas convention in English historic Linguistics, which happened in Poznan, Poland, in August 1996. The contributions conceal all facets of the heritage of the English language, together with: phonology; morphology; syntax; and lexicon.

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This metalinguistic function arose rather late. In the Helsinki Corpus not a single instance is found, hi the OED the first instance of its use, which is cited under credulity, is dated 1875. 3. v. l I. 1) the basic meaning of will is 'desire, wish for, have a mind to', which is close to the meaning of please and like used as an intransitive verb. The earliest instance of if you will cited in the OED is (25), which seems to be synonymous with if you please and if you like: (25) Ich wile be zigge yef bou wylt.

Fr. Kildare in Ellis, Orig. Lett. ii. 39 1. v. please, v. ", as in: (12) My Lord I cannot be so soone prouided,/ Please you deliberate a day or two. 73) Sometimes it was the second-person pronoun rather than to that was omitted: (13) Please to bespeak something else, I have every thing in the House. (EModE3 COME FARQUHAR 7) When to and the second-person pronoun were both dropped, we get sentences like (14), which is the earliest instance of this use of please cited in the OED: (14) Please entitle S.

Needs a little more comment. It must be stressed that the cases subsumed here are not the cases were -lic/e represents an adverbial ending. These derivatives from adjectives function as adjectives. These are often grouped together with what here appears as groups c. , where LIC attaches to participles. As witnessed in (2) above, the data also include a fair amount of doublets with both participles of the same verb involved in LIC-derivation. Then we have group e. where LIC attaches to verb-stems.

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