Ageing, Health and Pensions in Europe: An Economic and by Lans Bovenberg, Asghar Zaidi, A. Van Soest, Arthur H O Van

By Lans Bovenberg, Asghar Zaidi, A. Van Soest, Arthur H O Van Soest

Offering an overview of the long run examine demanding situations for economists and social scientists pertaining to inhabitants aging, pensions, overall healthiness and social care in Europe, this e-book examines how clinical learn offers state-of-the-art proof on source of revenue security and overall healthiness of the aged, and labour markets and older employees.

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Assessing the adequacy of pension systems is very difficult. Suitable indicators, capable of offering a ‘benchmark degree’ of efficient risk diversification against which to compare actual data are simply absent; moreover, they would be difficult to implement – not only because of the mix of insurance and redistributive features that typically characterises pension systems (which requires that other redistributive programmes are included in the assessment), but also because these features are never in a steady state, and the transition costs imposed by reforms would have to be taken into account.

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