Ancients by David Lynn Golemon

By David Lynn Golemon

Resembling the works of James Rollins and Matthew Reilly comes the most recent in an action-packed sequence in regards to the nation’s such a lot mystery agency---the occasion GroupTen thousand years earlier than the Roman Empire marched nice legions around the identified global, there has been a civilization devoted to the sciences of earth, sea, and sky. within the urban of sunshine lived those who made darkish plans to put waste to their uncivilized neighbors using the very strength of the planet itself. because the nice technological know-how in their time was once dropped at undergo at the invading hordes, hell used to be set unfastened on the earth. And the civilization of Atlantis disappeared in a suicidal hurricane of fireplace and water.Now historical past threatens to copy itself. the good weapon of the Ancients has been exposed within the South Pacific, and it's being deciphered by way of males of hatred---by an evil as soon as inspiration banished from heritage. back, the black swastika of hate is emerging. Their plan is to aim to regulate and direct the main harmful strength this international has but to determine, a weapon that may make nuclear fingers faded compared. the realm begins to tremble below the ability of the traditional technological know-how. The seas upward push, the earth cracks, and full towns fall apart to dirt because the evil plan mapped out hundreds of thousands of years earlier than takes shape.The occasion workforce, the main mystery division of the U.S. executive, staffed by way of the main marvelous women and men of technological know-how, philosophy, and the army, needs to take the lead and take a look at to prevent the facility of the Ancients. With a presidential mandate to find the reality at the back of the myths and legends of heritage, the development crew fights to make sure that blunders from the prior are by no means repeated. Headed via Colonel Jack Collins, the crowd needs to face its most deadly project ever: to discover the misplaced path of the Ancients and unearth the lacking key prior to the hot Reich. Can the main mystery federal provider of the United States track down the misplaced path that would cause them to the lair of this mystery strength? Or will the area explode in a sequence response that started greater than 11 thousand  years in the past? the development staff is the world's simply wish as they seek and conflict for the misplaced strength of the Ancients.Heart-pounding motion combines with historic experience because the occasion staff discovers that a few myths by no means die. . . .

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He too dreamed of the power of the old story. The families of the Ancients made him pay for his adultery to our new faith by never returning to the old way, and now you, Brother Gaius, now you. ” Caesar faced his friend, the man who had married his daughter, Julia, and frowned. ” The light of knowledge suddenly filled the eyes of Pompey. “Spain! I had heard that you sent that little monster Antony there on some sort of mysterious mission. ” “My time spent in that horrible place had its merits. ” Pompey shook his head in shame.

The face he could not see, but the determined stance of Pompey in the moon’s glow told Caesar that they would meet on the field of disharmony, and the Ancient family of man would divide forever. VIENNA, AUSTRIA JUNE 1875 Karl Von Heinemann cursed his colleague and best friend Peter Rothman. The argument had gone on for days and he was tired of it. He paced in the study of his large home and turned on him once again. “Yes, the artifacts were found by you. But you are being shortsighted in thinking this is but an archaeological find.

I have more than just a few of our brothers and sisters on my side; they are not afraid to rise again as many of you are. I ask you one more time, Pompey, join us in the quest,” he placed the golden helmet on his head and then his right hand went to his sword, not hiding the threat the action well conveyed, “or there will be war among us, and that will destroy the family of the Ancients forever. ” Pompey’s eyes were on the ivory handle of Caesar’s sword, and then they moved upward to his determined eyes.

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