Anglo-American Hispanists and the Spanish Civil War: by Sebastiaan Faber (auth.)

By Sebastiaan Faber (auth.)

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95) Doyle is not proposing a restriction on free speech—everyone has the right to express their opinion on international issues, even if they do so in an inflammatory way. This, Doyle stresses, “is a question for everyone to answer according to his own conscience as an American” (his emphasis). But, he adds, “even though we may have the right to be imprudent and intolerant in our words and actions and writings as citizens, we have no such right as teachers” (95). In support of this notion of professorial self-restraint, Doyle quotes Chester Rowell, a trustee of the University of California who, at the 1937 meeting of the American Council on Education, had argued that freedom of speech did not include the right “to require anybody to listen” (my emphasis).

If, as private citizens, “we have the right to preach any ‘ism’ we see fit”; as teachers “we are expected to be impartial, impersonal, objective, unemotional, well-balanced, scientific, skilled in the presentation of conflicting points of view with fairness to all sides” (97). In support of his case, Doyle quotes a resolution adopted by the MLA the year before—stating that the Association “makes no discrimination among persons based on racial, religious, or political preferences”— reading it, strangely, not as a statement of democratic principle and free speech but, almost inversely, as an indication of the “complete divorcement of American scholarship in the field of the modern humanities from European political, racial, and religious conflicts” (97).

30 In September 1937, James T. 31 In March 1938, Professors Herman A. Gray of New York University, Samuel Guy Inman of the University of Pennsylvania, and Wesley A. 33 In May, Joseph B. ”34 Among the most vocal supporters of Franco in the American public sphere was Dr. Joseph F. Thorning, Professor of Sociology and Social History at Mount St. 35 Given this involvement of intellectuals and academics, the almost complete absence of American Hispanists in the widespread public discussions over Spain is striking.

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