Animal Biotechnology and the Quality of Meat Production. by L. O. Fiems, B. G. Cottyn and D. I. Demeyer (Eds.)

By L. O. Fiems, B. G. Cottyn and D. I. Demeyer (Eds.)

This quantity is the 1st in a sequence of stories of workshops on ''The use of animal biotechnology, to enhance animal healthiness prestige and meat quality''. This topic covers numerous issues of concentration, concerning goods as diversified as grassland usage and meat caliber conception. ''Animal biotechnology'' was once outlined to incorporate manipulation of replica; genetic manipulation of animals (transgenic animals); improvement of diagnostics and vaccines; and using progress promoters (performance enhancers) that control digestion (e.g. probiotics) or tissue metabolism (e.g. somatotropins). the amount adopts a multidisciplinary method of animal biotechnology and its relation to meat creation

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1983) and Kanis (1988) might serve as examples for mathematical modeling approaches aimed at deriving optimal selection strategies. In addition to (or in combination with) selection programmes, foreign gene constructs and administration of biotechnological products can improve important performance traits like leanness and growth rate. However, similar to classical selection their use is also likely to be accompanied with negative effects on other traits. Traits like fertility, fitness and meat quality are important elements of quality of meat production.

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