Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus New Testament by Michael L. Brown

By Michael L. Brown

"The New testomony is stuffed with old inaccuracies."
"The Gospels painting a legendary Jesus."
"Jesus used to be a fake prophet."

Jewish humans more often than not increase objections to Christianity in line with the hot testomony. within the fourth quantity of his very hot sequence, Michael Brown explains the Christian reaction to thirty-four such objections. He addresses questions on concerns resembling how the recent testomony prices and translates the previous testomony, the historic accuracy of the recent testomony, obvious contradictions within the Gospels and the remainder of the hot testomony, pagan affects on Christian teachings, and even if Jesus abolished the Torah
With exact responses according to cautious examine of the Hebrew Bible, Rabbinic texts, and the recent testomony, Brown completely and respectfully solutions those objections and invitations Jewish seekers to think about the prospect that the recent covenant they've been anticipating is already here.

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4:7, quoting Deut. 6:16; Matt. 4:10, quoting Deut. 6:13; remember that Deuteronomy was the book composed at the end of Israel’s wilderness wanderings). • Just as Israel received the Torah, God’s authoritative instruction, at the foot of Mount Sinai, so also, when Yeshua began to give the people his holy instruction, he too ascended a mountain and gathered his disciples there (see Matt. 5:1–2). All this indicates just how deeply this period of Israel’s history was in Matthew’s mind: Israel going into Egypt, Moses’ birth, Israel coming out of Egypt, receiving the Law, being tested in the wilderness, crossing the Jordan.

Hardly! When Matthew quoted the second half of Hosea 11:1, he took for granted that his Jewish readers would know the whole verse. ) What he was saying was clear: Just as it happened to Israel, God’s national “son,” so also it happened to Jesus, God’s Messianic Son, and the ideal representative of the nation. Both were called out of Egypt in their childhood. It is very common—often the norm—in the Talmud and Rabbinic literature to cite a key part of a verse, sometimes even a short phrase, even though it is the whole verse that is under discussion.

For further parallels in Matthew between Israel and the Messiah, including the important observa on: “Ma hew emphasizes Jesus’ solidarity with Israel elsewhere as well (cf. 1:1; 4:2); like the Messianic servant (Is 49:5–7; 52:13–53:12) who fulfills the mission Israel had failed (Is 42:18–22), Jesus fulfills Israel’s call (cf. Is 42:1–4; 43:10; 49:1–3). , outside the Promised Land (Pa e 1987: 38). ” 58 As noted by Keener, Matthew, 108. Bruce Chilton also points out that the Targum renders Hosea 11:1 with, “Out of Egypt I have called them sons,” which, he notes, “corrects the passage away from the singular application of ‘Out of Egypt I have called to my son,’ ” as cited correctly by Matthew.

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