Antimatter (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Book 8) by John Vornholt

By John Vornholt

The Bajoran shipyard is assigned to construct an engine for a brand new starship, a venture which may be instrumental in revitalizing the planet's war-ravished economic system. As Commander Sisko awaits the coming of a tanker containing the antimatter that might strength the starship, a band of hijackers captures the tremendous necessary shipment and escapes during the wormhole.
When the hijacking spurs a political debate, significant Kira struggles to mediate the dispute among the opposing factions. in the meantime, Sisko makes a determined flow to retrieve the antimatter. With the soundness of the Bajoran financial system at stake, Sisko, Dax, and Odo infiltrate the hijackers, a movement that may have lethal results for them and the planet Bajor.

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A solitary figure stood away to his left, hands clasped behind its back, staring out at the spectacle of war. The figure turned. It was an elderly man, dressed in a floor-length mauve robe. His hair was thin and white, his face thinner still. He stared at Loken with glittering, miserable eyes. ‘I defy you,’ he said, his accent thick and antique. ’ ‘Your defiance is noted,’ Loken replied, ‘but this fight is over. I can see you’ve been watching its progress from up here. ’ ‘The Imperium of Man will triumph over all its enemies,’ the man replied.

Limbs limp, his torn garments flapping, he fell away like a stone down the open drop of the palace tower. Ekaddon lowered his bolt pistol. ‘I’ve never killed an emperor before,’ he laughed. ‘That wasn’t the Emperor,’ Loken yelled. ‘You moron! ’ He was close to the empty throne now, reaching out a hand to grab at one of the golden armrests. A blemish of light, almost perfect, but not so perfect that shadows behaved correctly around it, recoiled in the seat. This is a trap. Those four words were the next that Loken was going to utter.

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