Art of Woodworking - Woodworking Machines by K. Winchester

By K. Winchester

;Art of Woodworking - Woodworking Machines КНИГИ ; ХОББИ и РЕМЕСЛА Автор: ok. Winchester Название: artwork of Woodworking - Woodworking Machines Издательство: Time-Life Books Год: 2005 Формат: djvu Размер: 5,4 Мб Для сайта: www.mirknig.comКнига на английском языке.Книги из серии The artwork Of Woodworking являются энциклопедией столярного дела.В них можно найти все, что связано со столярными работами.Разобраться можно и без знания английского языка, книги богато иллюстрированы.В этой книге рассказывается о работе на деревообрабатывающих станках. .com eighty five 1 2 three four five

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В книге подробно, с иллюстрациями рассказывается о технике и приемах создания деревянных изделий круглой, овальной, эллипсоидной формы. Это может быть кухонная утварь, различные шкатулки и прочие изящные вещицы, способные украсить наше жилище.

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For outlets that won’t be supplying a specific ® 48 S e T T i N G U P A C o M f o r TA Bl e S H o P tool, as in an area like an assembly bench where you will be using various small power tools, I suggest three or four outlets on a 20-amp circuit. The NEC requires ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection for any 15-amp or 20-amp branch circuits supplying a garage or other work area at grade level. You can meet this requirement by using a GFCI circuit breaker or by having a GFCI receptacle first in line and wired to protect the downstream receptacles.

Lastly, the built-in storage bins underneath provide space for tool accessories, extension cords, and small pieces of lumber. a shop f or a sm a l l spac e 43 Wiring a Workshop C l i f f or d A . P o p e j oy Lights should have their own circuit. T he electrical wiring, outlets, and lighting in your shop should be as specialized as your tools. It’s hard to turn out high-quality work—or to work safely—in a poorly illuminated shop. It is equally frustrating and potentially dangerous if your tools keep tripping breakers on underpowered circuits or if your floor is a tangle of extension cords.

For example, to provide lighting for a single-car garage-size shop (240 sq. , high-output (HO) fluorescent W i r i NG A Wor K SHoP 47 lights, you would need four separate 2-lamp fi xtures. Each 8-ft. lamp requires 110 watts, so you would need a total of 880 watts to light this shop. Consider installing some task lighting (say a track fi xture with three, 65-watt floodlamps or equivalent fluorescent floods) as well. I’d put this lighting on one 15-amp circuit. Consider setting up the lighting so that the general lighting fi xtures are wired to two or more separate switches, with the task lights switched separately from the general lighting.

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