In the Know Students book and Audio CD: Understanding and by Cindy Leaney

By Cindy Leaney

Within the comprehend teaches over 800 colourful idioms in English. The ebook teams the idioms into devices counting on even if the idioms relate to such suggestions as risk or honesty, or whether or not they comprise shades or elements of the physique, and so on. each one unit has a transparent four-page structure that provides the idioms, explores their that means, and practices their use.

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A: arbitrary, clear, definite, distinct, extensive, narrow, natural, rigid, state ~ BRAIN A: acute, agile, fine, good, excellent, first-class, quick, superb ~ P: tax one's, use one's ~; is the brains behind sth, has got brains, pick (your) brains, rack (your) brains BRAND A: best-selling, popular ~ P: ~ awareness, image, leader, loyalty, management, manager, war BREACH (of relations) V: cause, heal, lead to, make up ~ A: sudden, total ~ BREAKDOWN V: cause, end in, lead to, patch up, prevent, result in ~ A: complete, inevitable, nervous, partial, rapid, regrettable, sudden, surprising, temporary, unfortunate, total ~ BREAKTHROUGH V: achieve, bring about, lead to, mark, reach ~ V: ~ was made, came about A: major, medical, scientific, significant, spectacular ~ BREATH V: catch/hold/save/waste (your) ~, draw, get (your) ~ back, say sth under (your) ~ A: deep, long, shallow ~ P: with bated ~; a ~ of fresh air, it took (my) ~ away BREATHING A: (barely) audible, heavy, irregular, laboured, rapid, regular, shallow, slow, soft, uneven ~ P: ~ difficulties, problems BRIDGE V: build, construct, cross, demolish, design, destroy, erect, pull down, put up ~ V: ~ was blown down (by the wind), was blown up (by a bomb), was washed away, carries the (main road), collapsed, crosses ....

Joins ... with .... spans the (Rhine) BRINK V: balance on, come to, cross, get near, go over, hover on, teeter on ~ BUDGET V: announce, balance, draw up, exceed, increase, introduce, keep to/within, operate within, overstep, overstretch, pass, reduce, set oneself, tighten, vote on ~ A: annual, expansionary, fixed, generous, harsh, interim, low, modest, monthly rigid tight ~ BUILDING V: alter, blow up, (re)build, construct, convert, damage, demolish, design, erect, flatten, gut, inspect, knock down, look after, look over, maintain, occupy, pull down, put up, refurbish, renovate, repair, restore, shore up, survey ~ V: ~ collapsed, is deteriorating, fell down, fell into ruin, houses ....

Discussed .... drew up a report, met, recommended .... reported back, studied .... suggested .... are taking steps to .... urged ... A: ad hoc, advisory, consultative, executive, influential, inter-departmental, joint, mixed, organising, parliamentary, special, top-level ~ COMMUNICATION V: break off, cut, ease, enter into, establish, get into, hamper, have, improve, interrupt, keep in, lack, maintain, restore, sever, stop ~ V: ~ broke down P: breakdown in, means of, speeding up of ~ COMMUNITY V: belong to, establish, form, found, join, reform, represent, revitalise, serve, set up, stabilise ~ A: balanced, close, closed, close-knit, exclusive, flourishing, international, local, native, primitive, scattered, self-reliant, tightly-knit, vigorous, worldwide ~ P: access to, membership of, pillar of ~ COMPANION A: amusing, close, congenial, constant, delightful, excellent, faithful, inseparable, stimulating, travelling ~ COMPANY V: find oneself in, have, invite, keep, keep away from ~ A: amusing, bad, boring, congenial, doubtful, dull, entertaining, exalted, good, intellectual, mixed, noisy, pleasant, polite, rowdy, shady, stimulating, suspicious, undemanding, undesirable, unsuitable ~ COMPANY (firm) V: buy out, close down, downsize, establish, float, form, found, join, launch, liquidate, manage, nationalise, register, reorganise, rescue, re-structure, run, sell off, set up, start, take over, wind up ~ V: ~ employs ....

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